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I see you sitting at your desk. You have been working hard at your entry-level role but you’ve barely been rewarded with a pay rise since you started. You’re ready to move on but the FEAR OF FAILURE is keeping you stagnant.

You followed the rule book; got a degree, got a job, but there’s no one telling you what to do next.

Everyone else has it ‘sorted’ while you feel left behind.

You’re doing all the things–updating your resume and Linkedin, personalising every cover letter and–nothing!!

You don’t know which decision is the ‘right’ decision and wish someone had a crystal ball.

You’re worried you’ll never progress in your career and use your full potential.

You’ve scrolled Seek, Linkedin and Pedestrian until your eyes are blurry and nothing sounds like the right fit.

You could stay in your job because after all, what if it doesn’t work out? What if you leave and the new job is actually worse?




If you don’t make a change now, you’re going to be in the same position in 12 months time.



  • Utilising your full POTENTIAL

  • Feeling fulfilled at work and getting PAID what you’re worth

  • Feeling satisfied that your career is progressing 

  • Feeling EXCITED about Monday’s.


Picture this, you're exchanging memes with your new work-wife (or work-husband) over Google Hangouts. You’re working on an amazing new project you have total control over. Your creative sparks are flying and your new boss is a legend. And finally, enough moola to start saving for the big stuff.


My Fearless Future will give you the tools to develop a targeted new career plan that takes you from frustrated 9-5er to fulfilled professional.


Not only will you map out a fearless future, but we’ll action it–together. You’ll be making decisions with Lizzo level confidence, acing interviews and sipping celebratory margaritas before you can say “I quit”.


ONE VALUES CLARITY SESSION (plus PDF playbook) to identify your unique values and align with companies which share them, so you stop wasting time applying for roles that don’t fit. (VALUE: $197)

A MASTER CAREER BLUEPRINT which maps you out a made-for-you process to follow so you can land your dream job. (VALUE: $297)

A KILLER RESUME AUDIT AND RE-DESIGN that will enable you to cut through the crowd and stand out among the sea of applications in your future employers inbox (VALUE: $199)

A MADE-FOR-YOU COVER LETTER refresh in an editable template so you can confidently articulate why you're the best person for the job. (VALUE: $99)

6 HOURS OF 1:1 SMALL GROUP LIVE COACHING video calls where we unpack what’s holding you back and create a plan so you can nail interviews, get paid what you're worth and be fulfilled at work. (VALUE: $1,297)

ONE MIND-BLOWIN’ BIO template so you can tell your unique story in a clear + compelling way and be a no-brainer hire for your dream employer (VALUE: $197)

UNLIMITED ACCESS TO MY BLOOMIN’ BRAIN via Voxer (voice messaging app) for the entire 6 weeks to flick me any questions at any time (VALUE $299).



Hurry only 5 spots left for May intake!

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Danielle is a Career Coach, helping 9-5ers in the early stages of their career find work that makes their soul sing and bank accounts ping. (IE. Get paid to do what you love).

After 10 years in creative industries and moving from full-time to freelance to running her own business, she knows a thing or two about discovering work that lights people up.


A career hustler at heart (ask her about scoring her dream job in track pants and saying yes to her first freelance gig without a laptop or money to buy one), she climbed the professional ladder, then jumped off to figure out what she really wanted out of the approximate 100,000 hours we spend at work in our lifetime.

When she’s not coaching future badass bosses to have the confidence and clarity to design a job they love, you’ll find her in the kitchen cooking homemade pet food for Louie The Cavoodle (yep, crazy dog mum here), sipping english breakfast tea (almond milk pls) or pretending to workout.

Kara, 27

My Fearless Future changed my life. Prior to starting the program I was too scared to leave my job, worried that I wouldn't find anything. Danielle's coaching gave me the confidence to apply for jobs I never would have and I'm one week into a my new role as a UX Designer.

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 2.10.35 pm.png

Macey, 18

Danielle has encouraged me to acknowledge what I truly want for my career. She helped me make a plan of what my future will look like & I finally have the clarity and confidence to chase my dreams. I cannot not thank her enough.

Natalie, 23

Danielle assisted in confidence coaching for an upcoming internship interview. She also completely restructured my CV and wrote an amazing bio that sold my skills and individuality. I landed my first paid internship in a new field and I'm so excited to see where my career goes.

Let's be honest.

Stepping up and being prepared to work hard to achieve your career goals isn’t for everyone. My dream clients might not know exactly what they want to do in life, be confused about where to start and have the same questions running through their mind on repeat “But I don’t know what I want to do”, “I don’t have enough experience”. 


But if you are committed to getting to the bottom of your truest desires, and you’re ready to get super clear on your career goals it’s time to make some decisions. If you don’t take action now and decide to stay stuck, what are the next 5, 10, 20 years of your working life going to look like? 


This is for you if you’re a hard worker stuck in a job that’s leaving you behind. If you’re ready to live out your dreams without working around the clock, take a sip of your tea and step right up.

P.S. I know you’re up to some amazing stuff in the world, but if there's a tiny voice inside of you that’s whispering (or screaming) “YOU CAN DO BETTER” then My Fearless Future is for you. We all have to work if we want to live in nice houses (or more importantly live out our fullest potential), so why waste time in sucky jobs that are making you miserable?


The thing is, university doesn’t teach you how to identify your values, passions and strengths so you can only say YES to the jobs that light you up. On top of that, there are certain societal expectations that we subconsciously feel obliged to uphold. A ‘good job’ has a certain set of rules usually hinged on external factors like the name of the company, your fancy-pants job title or salary. Fitting into this box will not bring lasting joy in your career and if ignored for long enough, can actually hinder every aspect of your life. If the thought of living your best life in a new job gives you margarita friday tingles–let’s talk, yo.


If you have any other questions that weren't answered on this page, feel free to shoot me an email at hellodaniellesaid [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll get back in a jiffy.

Hurry only 5 spots left for May intake!

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